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Fall 2022 6-Week Block: Fridays from September 30 to November 4

9:00am: The Act of Consecration of Man

10:00–11:15am: Study of From Jesus to Christ with Paul Newton. This cycle of lectures by Rudolf Steiner was given in October 1911 in Karlsruhe. The content is an essential part of a modern esoteric Christianity. We will begin with Lecture One and participants are asked to please read the lecture in advance.

11:45am–1:00pm: Cultivating Reverent Devotion with Anna Silber. We will focus on devotional practices as an essential part of individual inner development, drawing upon various texts (which will be provided). including Chapter 1 of How to Know Higher Worlds.

2:00–3:00pm: Creative Speech with Jennifer Kleinbach.

7:30–9:00pm: Presenting Research (beginning October 7). Join us to listen and to give feedback to individuals who have taken up research projects relevant to esoteric Christianity:

  • October 7: Anna Silber is working on the biblical imagery of the Temple as revelation of the evolving self.
  • October 14: Gino Ver Eecke on the nature of spiritual research.

If you have ongoing research that you would like to share, please contact Anna Silber.

There is no set fee for the sessions, but your freewill donations will be very gratefully received. Participants can sign up for the whole program or for individual elements — but advance registration is very helpful to us.

For further information, or to register: Please contact Paul Newton (paulknewton@msn.com or 845-517-4101) or Anna Silber (annasilber21@gmail.com or 917-882-5679.

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