Brigida Baldszun

An independent working eurythmist and therapist, Brigida was born and educated in Europe, where she began her career. She has taught eurythmy in Waldorf schools in Europe, the US, South Africa, Russia, India, and China. For twelve years she was a member of the Performing Group of Eurythmy Spring Valley. She currently lives in Spring Valley, NY, and teaches on the East Coast where she also performs, both as a soloist and with the mystery dramas by Rudolf Steiner.

Nancy Blanning

Nancy has been on the faculty of the Denver Waldorf School for 25 years, including 17 as lead kindergarten teacher and 12 as the school’s Educational Support Teacher. Nancy’s main focus is therapeutic education, especially developmental movement supporting young children’s physical incarnation and sensory development. Nancy has been a member of the Sunbridge faculty since 1994, serving as Early Childhood Co-Director since 2015. Nancy is a frequent contributor to Gateways and Lilipoh, and co-author (with Laurie Clark) of Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures. Nancy holds a BA in English with teaching credentials from the University of Colorado, and a certificate as Extra Lesson provider and therapeutic educator from Gradalis Seminars.

Gleice Paulino da Silva

Gleice is on the faculty at Camphill academy. She received her BA in biology from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Brazil. After graduating she traveled for two and a half years, volunteering in Angola, Mozambique, India, and elsewhere. For the past eight years, Gleice has been working at Camphill, first at Sheiling School Ringwood, UK, and the past seven years in The Camphill School – Beaver Run. Gleice has a diploma in curative education from the Camphill Academy as well as an MA in healing education from Antioch University of New England. Gleice is currently a class teacher at Beaver Run and is actively lecturing on working with curative stories.

Galilee Manaças Damiao, MS OTR/L

An occupational therapist for some 20 years, Galilee specializes in sensory integration with pediatric populations. A Waldorf school graduate and Camphill veteran, Galilee helps those on the autism spectrum by providing individuals with opportunities for full participation in a meaningful life through creating a healing environment that meets the senses and allows for engaged participation in life and community. Galilee currently spearheads an expressive writing program in collaboration with the Otto Specht School in Chestnut Ridge, NY, that allows people without verbal language to communicate freely through writing. She is also active in mentoring OT research and guest lecturing in pediatrics.

Elizabeth Frishkoff

Elizabeth is a certified HANDLE® Practitioner and Instructor in Great Barrington, MA. She has been working with the HANDLE approach in clinical-, school-, and home-based settings since 1996. Her clients range in age from 2 to 104 years old; some have mild learning issues and others have complex challenges with functioning and life. Elizabeth graduated from Hawthorne Valley School in 1986, received a BA in theatre/dance from Wells College and an MSW from Columbia University, and pursued postgraduate studies in Waldorf pedagogy and child development. At the HANDLE Institute, Elizabeth studied under founder Judith Bluestone. In 2019 she became certified with Spacial Dynamics, Level 1 and is delighted by the success seen when blending these modalities.

Harlan Gilbert

Harlan has taught mathematics at Green Meadow Waldorf School since 2002; he also serves on the school-wide Math Curriculum Committee. Following undergraduate studies in mathematics and natural science at Yale University and Reed College, Harlan received a Waldorf teaching certificate from Emerson College, an MS in education from Sunbridge College, and a PhD in transformative studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He also studied eurythmy for three years at the Eurythmeum Zuccoli in Dornach, Switzerland. Harlan’s book, At the Source: The Incarnation of the Child and the Development of a Modern Pedagogy, was published by AWSNA in 2005.

Jan Goeschel

Jan lives and works mostly at Camphill Special School’s Beaver Run campus, where he was a class teacher for six years before joining the Core Faculty of what is now the Camphill Academy’s Curative Education Program. Having helped form the Camphill Academy, Jan now serves as its president. In addition, he serves the international network of professional education programs in anthroposophic curative education and social therapy through the International Curative Education and Social Therapy Council. He has taught and consulted in the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and Central Asia. Jan holds certificates in Waldorf education and anthroposophic curative education, an MA in psychology from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in educational leadership from Immaculata University, and a PhD in special needs education from the University of Cologne.

Paige Hartsell

Paige is the Farm Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Threefold Educational Foundation. A trained Waldorf high school teacher, she is currently pursuing dual masters degrees in divinity and social work from Union Theological Seminary and Hunter College, with concentrations in Islam and interreligious engagement and community organizing. She is a volunteer organizer for the New York and National campaigns of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and a networker for the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB).

Michael Kokinos

Michael founded Blue Sky Therapies in Australia in 2006, practicing physiotherapy and craniosacral work inspired by a holistic understanding of sensory perception and movement. Michael has broad experience in cross-cultural encounter in education, health, and community development projects, working with Arhnem Land Aboriginal communities, schools in India, Nepal, and the USA, and Australian government health and disability programs for rural/remote areas. Michael regularly teaches Waldorf school faculty in India and Australia on the medical aspect of Waldorf school curriculum and community development, with a focus on organizational health, resilience, and wellness. He holds an MA in remote health management from Flinders University and is certified as an Anthroposophic Physiotherapist by the Goetheanum, Switzerland. He is a founding member of the IAN-CST (International Anthroposophic Network for Cranio-Sacral Therapy).

Jaimen McMillan

Jaimen has been working in the fields of movement education, movement therapy, and coaching for over 45 years. In studying ability he became aware that in states of enhanced performance there are moments when a person and her surrounding space become a fluid continuum. Working from this insight, Jaimen developed Spacial Dynamics®, a system of movement education, movement therapy, and coaching that incorporates the body and its contiguous space as a functional whole. He travels the world giving leadership workshops and trainings in movement therapy. He is co-author (with Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon) of The Fourfold Path to Healing and author of Still Moving (with photographer Karen Alexandre).

Marianne Perchlik

Marianne earned her BA in theater and English from Holy Cross College, then earned a JD and MA in environmental law from Vermont Law School. She served as an agriculture volunteer in the US Peace Corps in Paraguay, then returned to Vermont to serve as a VISTA volunteer. She also worked as an attorney for the Vermont Juvenile Defender. For 12 years, while her three children attended Waldorf school, Marianne developed her own practice as a certified Childbirth Mentor, Doula, and Simplicity Parenting coach. Marianne completed certification as a Waldorf high school teacher from the Center for Anthroposophy in 2015. She was a member of the faculty of the Initiative, a Vermont Waldorf high school, for four years.

Dr Lakshmi Prasanna

Dr. Prasanna is a pediatrician (neonatologist) active in India and Australia. Before starting her private practice, she was the head of the Department in Child Development Unit at Apollo hospitals, Chennai, India. She then founded Little Hearts Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad (1997), and the Saandeepani Centre for Healing and Curative Education in Hyderabad (2004), serving children with special needs and developmental delays. The president of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, Dr. Lakshmi uses an integrated approach towards child development and treatment. Her approach includes consultation, teacher training workshops for schools, child development workshops for parents, and family meetings. She has worked extensively in India, Nepal, Singapore, and Australia.

Becky Rutherford

Becky is a curative educator who has taught and mentored parents, therapists, special education teachers, Waldorf teachers, and curative teachers nationally and internationally in both anthroposophic and mainstream settings. A core faculty member of the Curative Education Program, Becky’s particular interests are in the healing potential of the arts and in the expanded understanding of the Waldorf curriculum in order that all children can receive its benefits and all cultures can find a true expression through it. Becky has an undergraduate degree in fine arts, a special education state certification, and a Master’s degree in mainstream art therapy. She taught for 25 years at Camphill Special School.

David Andrew Schwartz

David has lived and worked at Camphill communities for more than forty years, including Camphill Village Kimberton Hills (1973-83), the Camphill School (2001-04), Camphill Communities California (2004-13), and Heartbeet Lifesharing (2013-16). David practiced law for seventeen years (1984-2001) in southeastern Pennsylvania. David has been a biodynamic gardener and a horticultural vocational instructor for adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and has been teaching adults in anthroposophical training programs for more than thirty years. The system of the twelve senses is one of his main interests. David attended the foundation year at Emerson College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Villanova University School of Law.

Joan Sleigh

Joan was born and raised in a Camphill community in Western Cape, attended Waldorf school in Cape Town, South Africa, then trained as a Waldorf teacher in Witten-Annen, Germany. For twenty years starting in 1995, she worked as a class teacher and teacher trainer in South Africa. Joan has been a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland, since 2013, co-responsible for the International Studies in Anthroposophy, matters of the First Class, for nurturing relationships to the anthroposophical work in the English-speaking world, and as a project leader of the World Social Initiative Forum. Her professional and personal endeavors include research and practice of social and societal health and dignity within an emergent cosmopolitan world-society.

Richard Steel

Richard studied linguistics and completed training at the Camphill seminar for curative education in 1975. Until 2008 he lived and worked with his family in a Camphill community for children and young people with special needs in Germany. Since 2008, Richard has been building up the Karl König Institute, which he co-founded. He also helped build a Camphill community with older people in New York State. Richard is a speaker, writer, and poet, and he is responsible for the Karl König work edition.

Jane Swain

Jane is a pediatric physical therapist and an adult educator at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center in Keene, NH. She has presented at regional and international conferences and published several articles on pediatric movement. Jane was previously a movement education teacher in the younger grades at Monadnock Waldorf School in New Hampshire. She is certified in Bothmer Gymnastics, Sensory Integration Praxis Testing, and Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment. Jane is also a senior therapeutic trainer with the Spacial Dynamics Institute.

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