Threefold Educational Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is at the heart of a community of institutions that teach and promote forward-thinking practices in education, agriculture, the arts, spirituality, and social life.

As chartered by the New York State Education Department in 1965, the purpose of Threefold is “to preserve, encourage and further spiritual values in all fields of science, art, religion and social life in accord with the anthroposophical and spiritual scientific teachings and methods of Rudolf Steiner.” Threefold is one of the very few anthroposophical institutions in the world whose primary mission is to foster anthroposophy per se.

In its daily work, Threefold serves as:

  • A home and incubator for programs and institutions;
  • A steward of land and facilities;
  • A provider of services and amenities; and
  • A physical home for kindred institutions.

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