Welcome to the Threefold Community

In 1926, several New York City anthroposophists who called themselves the Threefold Group bought a farm in Spring Valley, NY, and set about creating a living community of practical work inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The project they began more than ninety years ago continues to this day in the work and life of the Threefold community and Threefold Educational Foundation.

A Living Laboratory

Rudolf Steiner’s ideas touch on every facet of human social life, including education, the arts, agriculture, economics, science, and medicine. With every observation and indication, Steiner exhorted us to take his research further – to put it to the test in the laboratory of human life. That is the work of the Threefold community. Today, our community’s people and institutions are carrying a wide array of programs based on Steiner’s work and insights.

Our Role

Threefold Educational Foundation and School is a home and incubator for programs and institutions, a steward of land and facilities, a provider of services and amenities, and a physical home for kindred institutions.

Threefold Educational Foundation is a member of the Council of Anthroposophical Organizations, a committee of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

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