Approaching Grade Five

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Inspiration and Guidance for Your Year

Sunday evening, June 30 – Friday afternoon, July 5 

Taught remotely in real-time, this course offers you an invaluable opportunity to focus entirely on your upcoming fifth grade school year in five days brimming with presentations, discussions, and practical activities.

Under the guidance of an experienced class teacher, you’ll discover ways to enliven your teaching and learn how to approach the blocks so that they may meet the fifth grader in a meaningful and lively way. With the insights of anthroposophy, gleaned through a discussion of child development focusing on your class’s age group, you will get to know the fifth grade child in depth as they stand on the balancing point between childhood and adolescence.

Along with time and space to consider and hone your skills in such practical matters as main lesson books, block planning, projects and activities, and classroom management, your course will include such key topics for fifth graders—and their teachers—as:

  • Topics in language arts, including paragraph writing and class plays
  • Fifth grade approach to ancient cultures, including Greek history and mythology
  • Topics in math: fractions to decimal fractions
  • Teaching free-hand geometry
  • Fifth grade approach to botany
  • Fifth grade approach to country/continental geography of North America
  • Pentathlon
  • Parent work and colleagueship

These subjects will be supported by explorations in art and music, giving you practical tools to take into your school year. In addition, you’ll gain many valuable opportunities for building connections among a community of parallel colleagues from across the country to carry with you throughout your teaching. And participation in an anthroposophical study undertaken in common with all Grades participants will help enable you to build bridges between colleagues and parents once you return to your school.

Grade-specific resource materials useful for your year, including poems, songs, stories, and main lesson book ideas, will be provided to you electronically.

NOTE: This course is taught with the expectation that you have a foundational background in Waldorf education.

Cost: $615. Discounts available

For information, contact: Barbara Vitale at / 845-425-0055 x20

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