Calling It Like It Is: Microaggressions

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Facilitators: Joaquin Muñoz with Aiyana Masla

Through questions and answers, small-group dialogue and activity, and exploring ways to turn concepts into practice, participants will have the opportunity to increase racial literacy, engage in community, and set personal goals for their teaching and/or administrative and board work.

Sometimes the cultural norms in your place in your work or school environment may seem friendly and light, but unknowingly be causing harm to those in marginalized or targeted groups. Learning to recognize and interrupt microagressions can help to create the inclusive environment we all strive for.

Attendance at any 2020-21 or 2021-22 presentation of Calling It Like It Is: Uncovering and Dismantling Racism in the Waldorf Movement is a pre-requisite for attending this follow-up series.

Information, and to register: Visit this page.

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