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Personalized Strategies for Becoming a More Effective Member of Your Leadership Team

Professional development for decision-makers — including administrators, directors, board and committee members, and faculty chairs — working in Waldorf schools or other workplace settings. This course is taught remotely in real-time.

Are you consciously or unconsciously shaping your organizational and leadership culture? And do you have the skills necessary to recognize problems that might exist or arise within your workplace, help your leadership team prioritize these issues, and equip them (and yourself) with the tools to address them?

In this highly useful course, our focus is on the practical work of being a leader and decision-maker. Through a process imbued with the anthroposophical understanding of the human being, and successfully applied in organizations from Waldorf schools to multi-million dollar nationals, Collaborative Leadership will help you learn how to improve your effectiveness as a member of your leadership team.

Joachim Ziegler, PhD, has been working in the fields of organizational development and human resources development since 1994. A partner in MIRA Companions for Development, an international consulting group, Joachim’s current list of American and international clients encompasses the banking, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing sectors, as well as anthroposophical institutions and Waldorf schools.

Jessica Heffernan Ziegler has been the executive director of Sunbridge Institute since 2008. Her professional focus on leadership skills, governance issues, and personnel development are utilized both in her executive director role and in her work as co-instructor of Sunbridge’s Collaborative Leadership course and related workshops; she also teaches Waldorf school administration in Sunbridge’s Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education program and previously taught in Sunbridge College’s Administration and Biography programs.

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