Creating Tone Eurythmy Forms for Different Styles of Music

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With Dorothea Mier

How do we approach creating tone eurythmy forms for different styles of music, such as baroque, classical, modern, and others? In this course for professional eurythmists, Dorothea Mier will be looking into various tone pieces to uncover how the elements are intertwined to make an “inherent” eurythmy form. Through this, we will be guided to discover styles, based on the musical qualities explored in the centuries when the pieces were composed. It will be a lively and deep exploration of the age-old question of how to create tone eurythmy forms.

Information, and to register: The deadline to register is August 16; the Course fee is $125. To register, visit this page.

COVID safety: Our ESV community protocols established to meet the coronavirus have helped us to successfully navigate the challenges of operating in person during this year. We will continue to sustain our COVID practices during the summer courses we offer to ensure that everyone remains safe and returns home refreshed.

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