Crossing the Veil and Coming Back to Life

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Presenting an ensemble theater piece based on true stories of people who have reported near death experiences.

The stories follow a travel journey narrative starting with the “moment of death” when the characters have been declared clinically dead or experienced a medical crisis that brought them to the edge of death. This leads to a crossing of the veil between life and death and profound experiences and visions of life in the postmortem realms. The journey concludes with a return to physical life and the challenges of sharing the experience with others and integrating it into their lives.

The piece is a new work in progress conceived by Robert Cornett and led by Ted Pugh.

Ensemble: Eddie Allen, Robert Cornett, Laurie Portocarrero, Vincent Roppolo, Dasana Smyth.

Musicians: Christina Porkert, Sarah Stosiek.

Suggested donation: $10-$25. No one turned away for lack of funds.

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