Deepening Breathing through Eurythmy Therapy Exercises

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A New Public Course with Elsa Macauley

De-stress through exercises that connect us with the angelic worlds working around us and through us, which help to deepen our breathing and promote overall health. These will include sound sequences given by Rudolf Steiner, hygienic exercises, and exercises that help us breathe into the space around us. We will work with the sound sequence of LAOUM, which are a series of sound gestures given by Rudolf Steiner for deepening our breathing. This particular sequence, while not intoned, is related to the Hindu, OM (Aum). The exercises will be brought in the context of a group, but can be worked with at home as a personal practice.

Elsa Macauley is a eurythmy therapist, as well as a faculty and ensemble member at Eurythmy Spring Valley.

Information, and to register: Call 845-352-5020 x113 or email

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