Finding Hope and Re-Imagining America: A Workshop with Christopher Schaefer

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Working from his new book Re-Imagining America: Finding Hope in Difficult Times, Chris Schaefer will explore questions of how we can understand the corruption and decline of our nation and how we can become more effective advocates for a better America. This workshop, which follows the Friday evening talk with Chris and his wife, Signe, consists of short talks, exercises, individual reflection, and small group conversations.

Saturday, November 23, at 9am-12:00 noon in Upper Brookside

Contribution $30

About the Author
Christopher Schaefer, PhD, has been an adult educator and organization development adviser for most of his working life. He has taught at MIT and Tufts, in addition to his years teaching at Sunbridge College and England’s Emerson College. Chris is the author of Partnerships of Hope: Building Waldorf School Communities and co-author of Vision in Action, Working with Soul and Spirit in Small Organizations. He co-directs the Center for Social Research at the Hawthorne Valley Association and resides with Signe in the Berkshires.

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