Mary Magdalen, the Divine Feminine and the Christ Impulse 

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Workshop with Stephanie Georgieff

Mary Magdalen was known as the Apostle of the Apostles as well as the female Patron Saint of Medieval Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Her earthly existence and example is a model for the Divine Feminine as a vital gesture in the co-creation of a new cosmos of love. This series of talks will explore the art, myth, history and influence of the individual who witnessed the entire Christ Event and the founding of the Christ Movement in Palestine and Europe. Magdalen has deep messages on the next phase of the unfolding Christ mystery for our age and beyond.

Stephanie Georgieff is an author and speaker on various aspects of the Divine Feminine and Esoteric Christianity. She has recently returned to North America after serving in the United States Peace Corps in Albania. She has published two books, and hosts a podcast. Georgieff contributes regularly to New View as well as Interfaith Mary Website.

Suggested contribution: $85-$50, or $20/$15 for individual talks. (No one should stay away for lack of funds, just talk to us.) Register by emailing

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