Meeting the Self, the Environment, and the Other through the Work of the Hands

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With Chris Marlow

This series of three one-hour workshops will give different experiences of touch, seeing, and smell. The experience can be new and awakening, or familiar and soothing, even therapeutic; we can turn to them to stimulate and give new sensations or for relaxation and comfort. They also offer opportunities for inner development.

Thursday, August 12: We will spend time examining locks of unwashed fleece and discuss its properties. Then we will spin a bit of it.

Friday, August 13: We will create a sun-dye jar, to experience color from nature, from the environment. There is a long history connected to the quest for color, which includes imperialistic and environmental abuse. Then, we will work with plant-dyed wool to create a “wool picture.”

Saturday, August 14: We will felt the wool to make a small mat. In the activity of felting, you have to be open to the conversation between you and the wet wool.

This talk is a workshop in The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter, a virtual conference sponsored by Threefold Educational Foundation August 11-15.

Information, and to register: The workshop fee is $90, plus $20 for materials. Pre-registration is required; visit this page to register.

Registered attendees of the Twelve Senses Conference can attend this workshop in person at no additional charge. Pre-registration is required; email for information.

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