Midwinter Agriculture Intensive

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With Mac Mead, Megan Durney, Cynthia Hoven, Harald Hoven, Kim Pace, Sea-Anna Vasilas, and Sherry Wildfeuer

2020 Theme: The Four Elements and the Farm Individuality

This year’s Midwinter Agriculture Intensive will explore the cosmic and earthly expressions of the four elements by illuminating the interweaving forces of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire: how they manifest in polarities and what is born in between. The art and practice of eurythmy is interwoven throughout the program to provide an artistic lens through which we can actually experience spiritual content and truths.

Through our personal experiences, group conversations, and presentations, we hope to shine light on the unseen forces and relationships that influence the cycle of the seasons, the metamorphosis of the plant, the four kingdoms, the work of the nature spirits, and the biodynamic preparations.

This long weekend is truly a unique educational and social opportunity to broaden and deepen your understanding of the role of biodynamics in the development of humanity and agriculture. Visit this page for more information, and join us!

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