Otto Specht School Farm Faire

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In spring, New York wakes up and falls in love again – with New York, with the outdoors, with each other. The green is new, not yet tinged with summer heat or burdened by the onslaught of lawn mowers. The softest air, birds singing their most cheerful songs, delicate blossoms on treetops, hillsides, and garden beds; and of course, the Otto Specht School Spring Farm Faire!

To those in attendance, the Farm Faire is a day of easy, well orchestrated delight. Guests leave joyful and fulfilled, with the feeling that the faire contained some magical quality that might not easily be articulated. Some of us, however, know that the magic exists in distilling the essence of what happens every day at our school, and fashioning it into one day for all to enjoy.

Information: Visit this page.

This event has been cancelled.

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