Pfeiffer Center Midwinter Intensive: Cosmic & Earthly Nutrition

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With Mac Mead, Cynthia Hoven, Harald Hoven, Branko Furst, and Sea-Anna Vasilas

This year’s Midwinter Agriculture Intensive will delve into the theme of cosmic and earthly nutrition in both the human being and the farm individuality.

We will explore the breakdown and up-building processes of digestion, through the foundations of Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course, sense experience, and the human encounter. The art and practice of eurythmy will weave throughout the program to provide an artistic lens through which we can actually experience spiritual content and truths.

Through our personal experiences, group conversations, presentations, and shared meals set with cosmic and earthly nutrition in mind, we hope to deepen our understanding of a kind of vital nutrition that can support the health of the earth, our unique individual destinies in the world, and our spiritual capacities. This long weekend is truly a unique educational and social opportunity to broaden and deepen your understanding of the role of biodynamics in the development of humanity and agriculture.

Information, and to register: Visit this page.


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