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Working with Indications from Goethe’s Faust and Exploring Chamber Music

The Eurythmy Spring Valley Postgraduate Training for 2023-24 will focus on the eurythmy indications given by Rudolf Steiner for Goethe’s Faust, explored in the English language, and the qualities of different musical instruments. We are very excited to offer a unique postgraduate project for 2023-24, which will provide an opportunity to delve into these formative artistic elements that hone and deepen our eurythmic capacities.

Our postgraduate project year is for graduated eurythmists wishing to broaden their eurythmic capacities and artistic work. Augmenting the project’s focus on Faust and chamber music indications will be explorations in English speech eurythmy, tone eurythmy elements, and stagecraft. The project also offers:

  • Work with a range of teachers, from those with decades of experience to a new generation speaking out of today’s experience of life
  • Mentored solo work
  • A review of tone and speech eurythmy elements with our very experienced teachers: Dorothea Mier, Barbara Schneider-Serio, Natasha Moss, Virginia Hermann, and Sea-Anna Vasilas
  • A culminating program performance, followed by a local/regional tour

Join us for this unique opportunity to deepen your performance and artistic skills in eurythmy.

Deadline to apply: June 30.

Information, and to apply: Visit this page, call 845-352-5020 x113, or email

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