Preparing a Pathway to Eurythmy

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A Eurythmy Spring Valley Summer Course Open to All!

Continuing our summer tradition of many years, we are offering a two-day online course as an alternative to our annual Summer Eurythmy Week. Given that participants join us each year from different parts of the country, and traveling holds many challenges now, we wanted to give another option to all who would like to join us by offering our summer course, online. Eurythmy, by its nature, draws on many avenues of complementary exploration that enhance our capacity to enter its qualities of movement, perceptively. Recognizing the limitations of experiencing eurythmy online, we will be working with these foundational activities that are integral to developing eurythmic movement.

We invite you to come and explore the first steps toward connecting with the instrument of our Self. In this course, we will work with the question, “How do we speak and sing with, and through, our whole being? Through conversation, study, and movement, we will begin preparing and strengthening the pathway into eurythmy.

Our two-day summer course will be led by faculty members, Sea-Anna Vasilas and Clifford Venho.

For full details and to register, visit this page.

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