Rudolf Steiner’s World Economics – A Study in Thinking and Practice

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The current world situation is affecting all areas of our lives, and creating opportunities to change our thinking and our actions. As Rudolf Steiner recognized, the beginning of modern economic life coincided with the reduction in our ability to think about economics in its true complexity. The aim of this study group is to move towards thinking in a way that can grasp economic ideas, and to begin to practice these ideas in our lives. We will take up the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in the summer of 1922 (GA 340).

The first part of each meeting will be devoted to study of the text, trying to think the thoughts, to bring them into reality within us. This will be followed by discussion of how these thoughts affect our actual individual lives. This will also be an opportunity each week to create a concrete way to practice an idea from the study during the coming week, and to share our experiences. All are welcome.

This study group will meet weekly beginning on Sunday, August 2.

Please read Lecture 1 before the first session.

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