Sensing Self-Deception in the Use of Technology

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With Gopi Krishna Vijaya

Our faculty of inner judgment has been challenged enormously in the past year, and this faculty is the key with regard to the understanding and use of technology. When the faculty of judgment is perturbed, it has ramifications for our entire worldview, and digital technology affects it in a deeply unconscious way. This workshop will focus on bringing those details to the light of day, so that we can observe these inner soul processes in full clarity.

Gopi Krishna Vijaya is from Bangalore, India. He completed his undergraduate physics training at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), and received his PhD in Physics (Solar Energy) from the University of Houston (USA) in 2014. He is currently engaged in the study of the Reciprocal System of Physics – a way to inculcate Goethean thought into modern physics – in Salt Lake City, USA.

This talk is a workshop in The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter, a virtual conference sponsored by Threefold Educational Foundation August 11-15.

Information, and to register: Workshop fee: $30. Pre-registration is required; visit this page to register.

Registered attendees of the Twelve Senses Conference can attend this talk at no additional charge. Pre-registration is required; email for information.

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