Social Threefolding, Waldorf Education, and Technology

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Presentation by Gary Lamb

For a time, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer worked closely with Rudolf Steiner conducting research into the development of an ethical/moral form of etheric technology. At a certain point, Steiner told Pfeiffer to discontinue his research until Social Threefolding and Waldorf education were more prevalent in the world, and the materialistic idea that the heart is simply a pump was overcome. This presentation will focus on essential features and interconnections of Social Threefolding, Waldorf education, and ethical/moral technology in our current context of private capitalism in the United States.

Copies of A Road to Sacred Creation will be available for purchase at the event for $35.

RSVP by Friday, December 3, to Gary Lamb: or 518-672-4465 x223.

Suggested donation: $5 to $25.

A complementary presentation will take place on Saturday morning at the Christian Community; click here for details.

Gary Lamb is a director of the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research and its Ethical Technology Initiative. He holds a degree in civil technology and mathematics, and has worked in construction, medical technology, and manufacturing. Prior to editing A Road to Sacred Creation, Gary co-edited (with Sarah Hearn) Steinerian Economics and authored books on Waldorf education and associative economics. Gary was the managing editor of The Threefold Review, a journal based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas about a threefold social organism.

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