Sound, Space, and the Making of Forms: Professional Course for Eurythmists

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With Annelies Davidson

Annelies Davidson has in mind to begin this speech eurythmy course for professional eurythmists with an approach to the worlds of sound, space, and form with everyone moving together. Short texts will then be offered to choose from for smaller groups to work with. At the end, showing each other the (very likely) unfinished pieces will be most stimulating, as we see each other’s intentions having found form and character.

Annelies Davidson began performing and teaching in adult education in 1975 in London, England. She continued that work from 1986 until 2002 as a faculty member and stage artist at Eurythmy Spring Valley. From 2002 until 2008, she was active as a freelance eurythmy teacher and director in different settings here and abroad while caring for the old and dying, when time allowed, at the Fellowship Community also in Spring Valley. In 2008, she rejoined the faculty of Eurythmy Spring Valley. At the age of 70, Annelies retired to the Netherlands but still returns each year for a month to Spring Valley to teach.

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