The Birth of Freedom in Modern Art

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Stephen Keith Sagarin

How does the turn toward modernism and abstraction in art signal a change in consciousness toward freedom?

Stephen Keith Sagarin, PhD, is Associate Professor and former Director of the MSEd Program in Waldorf Teacher Education at Sunbridge Institute, NY. He is also Faculty Chair, co-founder, and teacher at the Berkshire Waldorf High School, MA. Dr. Sagarin is the former Editor of the Research Bulletin of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. He is the author of The Story of Waldorf Education in the United States: Past, Present, and Future and of the “Introduction” to Rudolf Steiner’s Art History as a Reflection of Inner Spiritual Impulses. He has his doctorate in history from Columbia University and his BA in art history and fine art from Princeton University. Dr. Sagarin has been a Waldorf teacher for most of his career, including twelve years at the Waldorf School of Garden City, NY, the high school from which he graduated.

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