The Human Being’s Spatial Development from Birth to 21

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An Open Course with Jane Swain

In this workshop, participants will develop new capacities to “see” the growing child’s spatial journey over time, and why this is so important. We will learn to “read” the spatial tasks of classic children’s games and movement activities. Though largely unrecognized, it is possible to learn to perceive the spatial components of children’s movements, and this can transform our understanding and ability to successfully work with children’s behaviors. For example, why doesn’t Susie “sit up” at her desk in school? Why does Joey insist on climbing up onto the back of the sofa and jumping down to fall on the floor, over and over again? Why does Johnny rush and run into other children so often? How can we work with these types of situations through a spatial approach?

Jane Swain is a senior therapeutic trainer at the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Spacial Dynamics® is embedded deeply into Jane’s work as a pediatric physical therapist, adult educator at Sophia’s Hearth in Keene, NH, and consultant to early childhood and grade school classrooms. Previously Jane taught Movement Education in the younger grades at the Monadnock Waldorf School. She has spoken throughout the US and internationally, and has published numerous articles on movement.

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