The Role of the Double and the Rosicrucian Path in Our Technological Age

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A Talk and Workshop with Daniel Perez

So much has changed in society since the Michaelic events of 1879 that it is hard to conceive of the impact to our individual spiritual lives, and how we may balance the effects of technology by strengthening of our soul forces in our time. By contrasting the evolution of technology with exercises in our soul capacities, we may further the comprehension of what is truly human: the moral nature of the spiritual worlds, as opposed to the forces of materialism.

A talk on Friday, March 5 will be based on examples in my youth during the personal computer revolution of the 1970s. A workshop the next day (Saturday, March 6) will focus on how each human being carries their own unique set of experiences and insights through their biography, as in a microcosmic Parsifal legend.

Daniel Perez has been a technologist since he was a teenager, at the dawn of the age of the personal computer, when he learned programming as a student at Green Meadow Waldorf School. His adult career has placed him in several areas of technology development, from space-based laser systems to video compression used for teleconferencing. He currently leads an engineering team in cloud computing development.

The Friday evening talk is open to all. Registration is required for the Saturday workshop. Suggested donation for both days: $40.

Information, and to register: Contact Melissa Lyons at or 845-517-5386.

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