Threefold Family Michaelmas Festival

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Please note: This event has been canceled.

“We of the present age
Are in need of the right ear
For the spirit’s dawn,
The Morning Call of Michael.”

— Rudolf Steiner

In this most exciting year, full of challenges and opportunities, come celebrate the festival of Michaelmas with song, music, and games on the campus of the Threefold Educational Foundation. Ably assisted by experienced metalworkers, we will be forging iron to use for our hoop rolling games. A choir will offer a specially prepared song and a speech chorus will also perform.

Celebrate inner strength and initiative, selfless self-consciousness, and the transformative fire of the forge. Through transforming dense material through fire and masterful force, and challenging ourselves to find balance and courage in play, we will lift our hearts and souls together toward a vision of human striving for the highest spiritual aims.

“Experience how at this autumn festival of Michael there should grow in you everything that opposes love of ease, opposes anxiety, and encourages the unfolding of inner initiative and free, strong, courageous will.”
— Rudolf Steiner, from the lecture “The Michael Imagination,” given on October 5, 1923

We will be respecting needs for physical distancing and masking. The event will be cancelled in the case of rain.

Information: Contact Melissa Lyons at

Please note: This event has been canceled.

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