Two Online Lectures by Johannes Schuster

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Rudolf Steiner once said: “Spirit cannot act in the world without form.” So when we see the myriad of forms in nature, how do these forms arise? How exactly does spirit interact with matter and give rise to intelligent, physical form? If we could understand how the forms of nature are created, would this affect our human artistic methods?

In the first lecture (May 17), we will look at the larger cosmic context and role of the four ethers as a bridge between the physical, astral, and spiritual planes of existence.

In the second lecture (May 24), we will look more closely at the individual ethers, how they interact with physical forces and the four elements, and how the mutual interplay between ethers, elements, and physical forces creates the actual matrix of forces through which spirit can act in the world.

Johannes Schuster began a path into anthroposophy and Waldorf education 45 years ago when he founded Little Yarra Steiner School near Melbourne, Australia. His close engagement with both teaching and architectural form gave Johannes a unique opportunity to pioneer a particular approach to design that he calls “biosculptural” architecture.

Information, and to register: The fee is $20 for each lecture. Pre-registration is required:

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