For Prospective Residents

Holder House, the Threefold Community dormitory, serves the Threefold community’s resident full-time students and interns, as well as short-term students, visitors, and guests. Holder House contains forty single rooms; residents share the use of four kitchens, 13 bathrooms, and a coin-operated laundry. The dorm is conveniently located at the center of the Threefold campus, just steps from Main House, Brookside, and Threefold Café, and across the street from the Pfeiffer Center’s biodynamic garden and Threefold Auditorium. Green Meadow Waldorf School and The Hungry Hollow Co-op are within easy walking distance.

Holder House is owned and operated by Threefold Educational Foundation and School, a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational institution. A part-time Housing Manager supervises the day-to-day operation of the dorm. The manager can be reached at 845-352-9660; by email at; or by leaving a note at the manager’s office in the lower level of Holder House.

To learn more about the work and history of the community and the foundation, please visit our website.

You must be sponsored by an institution of the Threefold community in order to be eligible for Student Housing. All residents must comply with the terms of housing agreement, and with the housing guidelines described on this page. Please read carefully.

How to Apply

  • Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on our receipt of your Student Housing Application Form and security deposit. Once your application is approved, a Student Housing Agreement will be sent to you. Your room will be confirmed when we receive your signed Student Housing Agreement and first rental payment.
  • Your Student Housing Application is not complete without a security deposit of $500. Your security deposit cannot be applied to rent. Deposits are returned at the end of the agreement period, provided all terms of the agreement have been met.
  • Room rates range from $535/month to $625/month, depending on the size of the room.
  • If you feel it is necessary to change rooms, you must submit your request to the Housing Manager before October 1. Your rental agreement will be adjusted and an administrative fee of $50 will be added.

Monthly Housing Application

Please note: If you are an enrolled student seeking housing for the academic year, please complete the application on this page.

Holder House Guidelines

Residents are expected to comply with the rules and guidelines outlined on this page. They are designed to ensure health, safety and a desirable quality of life for all our residents, as well as responsible care and administration of the buildings. Disorderly or irresponsible conduct, or failure to comply with these rules, may result in the termination of your agreement and your expulsion from the residence.

House Meetings

All residents are expected to attend House Meetings, which are held two or three times per year. Your attendance preserves your voice in matters that affect all residents. Watch the bulletin boards or email for announcements of House Meetings and other house business.

Care and Maintenance

Residents are responsible for the routine cleaning and upkeep of the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, walkways, etc., under the direction of the Housing Manager and assistant managers. These basic chores are not more than you would do in your own home. In addition, every resident is required to participate in the annual spring cleaning day. These responsibilities are assumed with the signing of the rental agreement. Those who fail to do their share of the cleaning will be charged a cleaning fee; consistent neglect of these responsibilities may lead to termination of your lease agreement.


Quiet Hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am Monday through Friday and 10:00 pm to 9:00 am Saturday and Sunday. For the comfort of those living in neighboring rooms, please observe the posted hours for using the laundry room. Common courtesy is expected of all residents. Sound travels, and every resident is expected to respect the needs and requests of other residents, especially regarding the use of stereos, computers, and televisions.

Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board for Holder House residents is located by the mailboxes near the Middle Kitchen. When posting your notice, please be courteous: do not obstruct other postings, and remove your posting when appropriate. Notices affixed to nearby walls or windows will be removed.

Short-Term Guests

Short-term guests who stay in Holder House during the academic year share kitchens and bathrooms with long-term residents. Long-term residents are expected to treat these visitors as invited guests; short-term visitors are asked to remember that they are staying at our students’ home, not a hotel.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment or crass sexual behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Incidents should be reported to the Housing Manager; all situations will be handled in the strictest confidence.


Pets are not allowed in Holder House or Orchard House.


• Illegal substances are not allowed anywhere on the Threefold Campus.
• Alcohol is not permitted in Holder House or Orchard House.
• Smoking is not allowed in Holder House and Orchard House.
• The burning of candles or incense is not permitted in Holder House or Orchard House.

Practical Details

Rental Payments

Rental payments should be made in the Holder House office, on or before the due date.

Room Keys

Please keep track of your room key. For security reasons, room keys cannot be duplicated by outside locksmiths. The fee to replace a lost key is $10. This fee will be deducted from your security deposit if you do not return your key at the end of your stay.

Mail Service

The Holder House mailing address is:

279 Hungry Hollow Rd.
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

Please note that the Post Office does not forward mail from this address.

Telephone and Internet

Each room in Holder House has a phone jack; for land line service, call Verizon: 845-890-1550. Wi-Fi is available at no charge in Holder House, Orchard House, and Main House.

Room Furnishings

Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, mattress pad, pillow, desk, chair, lamp, bookcase, wastebasket, and dresser or clothing storage area. These furnishings can only be removed with the permission of the Housing Manager, and must be returned to the room before your security deposit can be refunded. You are expected to bring your own linens, blankets and towels; if necessary, these items can be rented during the school year at the following rates: $25/year for blankets; $15/year for sheets; and $15/year for towels.

Repairs and Special Requests

Requests for minor repairs, maintenance assistance, permission to hang prints on walls, as well as other housing concerns, should be made in writing to the Housing Manager.

Cooking and Appliances

All cooking is to be done in the kitchens. For health and hygiene reasons, food is to be stored in the kitchens only. Microwaves, refrigerators, and space heaters are not allowed in the guest rooms.

Kitchenware and Cookware

At the beginning of the school year, each kitchen is equipped with basic dinnerware. Anything that disappears will need to be replaced by the residents who share the use of that kitchen. Kitchens are also furnished with basic cookware, including pots, pans and other implements donated or left behind by previous residents. Holder House will not replace missing or broken cookware. Supplies such as detergent, sponges, etc., are provided.

Personal Guests

The dorm’s capacity for personal guests is limited. Each resident may have a guest stay one time for up to two nights. Any stay longer than two nights must be approved in advance by the Housing Manager. Residents are charged $10 per night after two nights, and no guest may stay longer than 14 days cumulatively. Subletting of rooms is not allowed.


Limited storage space is available for rent in the basement of Holder House. See the Housing Manager for rate information.

Moving Out

When the end of the academic year approaches, you must notify the Housing Manager of your exact departure date. If your room is clean and in good condition, the furnishings and room key are accounted for, and your rental account is in good standing, your security deposit will be returned within two months. All students must vacate their rooms at the end of the academic year.