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Hill to Hill: Twelve Days of Christmas in Music and Recitation

Threefold Auditorium 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Outdoors, rain or shine, snow or sleet, every afternoon from Thursday, December 24 through Tuesday, January 5, there will be brief open-air performances for the season. At 4:00 pm, gather outside Threefold Auditorium to enjoy 10-15 minutes of live music––featuring bells, recorders, and horns––from the balcony. At 4:30pm, gather on the South Lawn at the Fellowship Community's Hilltop House, where the words of Rudolf Steiner's Foundation Meditation will resound. All are invited to bring a bell or chime to sound in response.

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Festival for the Unborn

Threefold Auditorium 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Please join us for this second annual celebration in an evening of poetry, eurythmy, and lyre music, with an address by Gisela Wielki on the theme of the human journey toward incarnation. To allow social distancing, attendance at this event is strictly limited. You must submit an RSVP to attend this event. Walk-ins will not be permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sensing Self-Deception in the Use of Technology

Upper Brookside 285 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Our faculty of inner judgment has been challenged enormously in the past year, and this faculty is the key with regard to the understanding and use of technology. This workshop will focus on bringing those details to the light of day, so that we can observe these inner soul processes in full clarity.

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Building the Temple of the Heart

Threefold Auditorium 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Registered attendees of the Anthroposophical Society’s virtual Annual Conference and General Meeting, Building the Temple of the Heart, are invited to gather with us at Threefold to participate in the virtual conference together, and then to join in in-person biography work, breakout sessions, conversation, and meals.

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Enchanted Halloween Walk

Green Meadow Waldorf School 307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

An enchanted walk through a silent land of Fairy Tales. Best suited for babies through fifth grade, but everyone is very welcome. The walk begins in the Courtyard of Green Meadow Waldorf School; park at the Green Meadow Kindergarten and Hungry Hollow Co-Op.

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A Road to Sacred Creation

Christian Community Church 15 Margetts Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

With Gary Lamb. This presentation will include a comparison of Rudolf Steiner’s perspectives of earth evolution and the future of technology with those of Georges Lemaître and Ray Kurzweil; a description of the evolution of technology and energy production in five phases, including the creation of ethical/moral technology; and passages from A Road to Sacred Creation.

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Social Threefolding, Waldorf Education, and Technology

Threefold Auditorium 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

With Gary Lamb. What are the essential features and interconnections of Social Threefolding, Waldorf education, and ethical/moral technology in our current context of private capitalism in the United States?

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