The School of Spiritual Science in North America

The Path of the New Mysteries

August 4-10, 2024

Engaging with the 19 Lessons of the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science

A conference for members of the School, Blue Card required

at The Threefold Community in Chestnut Ridge (Spring Valley) NY


The Path of the New Mysteries

Conference Details

Does Anthroposophy have a future? This question seems to have been very much alive for Rudolf Steiner in the weeks leading up to the Christmas Foundation Meeting. Was it this question that inspired his decision to inaugurate the esoteric work of the School for Spiritual Science? He knew that it was only through an esoteric deepening that new life could flow into the spiritual work and allow anthroposophical practice to bear fruit in the world.

This year, 2024, is the 100th anniversary of the esoteric lessons given for members of the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science. From Sunday, August 4th through Saturday, August 10th, we will mark this anniversary with a conference focused on bringing the path described by the Class Lessons to light. Over the course of the week, we will experience all 19 lessons held in groupings of two or three to gain a deeper understanding of the stream that flows through the constellation of the lessons as a whole.

In addition to working with the lessons, participants will be invited to explore some of the deeper riddles of social artistry and the challenge of re-presencing anthroposophy. There will also be ample opportunity to work artistically with aspects of the lessons.

This will be a working meeting that, while honoring the past, looks towards the future. Can we in our work together birth impulses capable of bringing new vitality to the School for Spiritual Science in North America? What are the inner and outer gestures of a truly modern esoteric path?

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Visual Arts Workshops

The Practice of Meditation and its Relation to Artistic Expression 
With Laura Summer
In this workshop we will use drawing exercises to help us “see” and “capture” what is happening inwardly when we work with the mantras of the 19 lessons of the first class. For the past 5 years Laura Summer has been working with groups of people using these drawing exercises and people report that this practice has opened a new way of experiencing the mantras.

Working with the Blackboard Drawings to the Lessons of the First Class
With Rudiger Janisch and Angela Foster
During many of the class lessons, Rudolf Steiner illustrated his thoughts by drawing on the blackboard. How can one deepen the experience of the Mantras by reproducing these drawings, both in our imagination and on paper? Can the drawings help unlock new ways into the Mantra?

With Bonnie Manaças 
We will paint using the medium of watercolor and wax resist taking up the challenge of translating the spiritual content of the Lesson into the language of color and form.

Clay Sculpture Workshop: Metamorphosis in Form, Soul and Self
With Sarah Dunbar
Working with the polarities and metamorphosis of form and function in the human skeleton through sculpture in clay, we will artistically explore aspects of the transformation of soul and self along the path described by the 19 Lessons.

Time Arts Workshops

Enriching one’s experience of the Mantra through Eurythmy
Dorothea Mier
Working with elements in and from eurythmy can be of enormous help for cultivating a living relationship with the class Mantra. Join with Dorothea as she guides an exploration in movement into this living relationship.

Iambic, Trochaic and Spondaic Metres – an Exploration
Veronika Roemer
Musical experiences can help us to deepen our inner understanding of the quality of each meter, and strengthen our awareness of how the meters help us enter into the mantras.

Working with the Spoken Word
Barbara Renold
The mantras are given to us in language. Language that through sounds forms words which mirror meaning. Through deepening our experience of language, we may deepen our relationship to the mantra. “And we are dealing with realities when the sounds of speech in their mysterious running become for us Gods—Gods who form within us our speaking.” (Rudolf Steiner, Speech and Drama Course, Lecture 18, Sept. 22, 1924).

Jutta Rohde-Röh
The perception of phenomena of the inversion in space, can deepen our path along the 19 lessons. In this workshop we will work with the front, the back and also the inner-space. Our body becomes the basis of resonance for the experience of border and impulse towards development – widening – penetration and inversion. Beside other themes we will exercise this by the example of the TIAOAIT.

Speech Eurythmy
Beth Usher
The workshop will begin to help us develop the moods of the five post-Atlantean cultural epochs. Simple basic elements of eurythmy will lead us to find through movement the unique challenges and needs of anthroposophical Spiritual Science.



Social Artistry

Led by John Bloom and Leah Walker

Each morning after the work with the Lessons and a break, there will be time to deepen the experience of the morning in a social mood of humility, self-knowledge, and hospitality. Just as there is an arc of the Lessons, there will be an arc of social experience through biography and reflection on what we receive from others and the world. We will work toward grounding social experience in spiritual practice that invites the wisdom of the hierarchies and an awareness of harmonizing karma through our relationships, communities, and service—no small task, but that is the work for the future.

Sponsored by the School of Spiritual Science in North America

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