As Above, So Below: Discovering Divine Wisdom for Our Times with the Black Madonna

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With Stephanie Georgieff, MS

Friday, February 25, 7:30pm: The Black Madonna and Divine Wisdom
This talk introduces the theme of The Black Madonna and Divine Wisdom.

Saturday, February 26, 11:45am: As Above, So Below
This talk explores the dictum As Above, So Below as a reflection of the relationship between the Interior of the Earth and the Angelic Hierarchies, with the Black Madonna as connector between the realms.

Saturday, February 26, 2:30pm
Eurythmy related to the theme with Sea-Anna Vasilas

Saturday, February 26, 3:45pm: Divine Darkness
This talk explores the concept of Divine Darkness as a spiritual theme.

Sunday, February 27, 12:15pm: The Black Madonna as Symbol of Resilience
We live in dramatic times. The age of the Black Madonnas is a distant mirror to our current era.

Stephanie Georgieff is the author of The Black Madonna, Divine Darkness: The Journey of Advent with The Black Madonna, and The Virgin of Guadalupe, which explore the Divine Feminine through Art and Esoteric Christianity. The Black Madonna Speaks is a podcast featuring artists, poets, and authors dedicated to The Black Madonna and The Divine Feminine in all of their guises.

Suggested donation: $10-15 per talk or $30-50 for the series.

For further information, or to register: Please contact Paul Newton ( or 845-517-4101) or Anna Silber ( or 917-882-5679.

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