Human Evolution Course with Michael Judge

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This course will compare, contrast, and translate the many concepts regarding evolution. The goal of the course is to demonstrate coherence and plausibility between the evolutionary descriptions of spiritual science and natural science. The geologic record and the akasha record as researched by Rudolf Steiner will be called upon. The focus will be upon the human being in greater context, but more specifically on Steiner’s esoteric concepts of the evolutionary phases of the “Lemurian,” the “Atlantean,” and the “Post-Atlantean.” Also, some reflections on eurythmy’s important future contributions to evolution will be touched upon.

Michael Judge is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he studied history, archeology, anthropology, and geology. He has earned certification in education, Waldorf education, and spacial dynamics. He has been a student of anthroposophy and spiritual science for over forty years.

Information, and to register: Visit this page. Preregistration is required.

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