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Block IV: 6 Fridays from February 3 to March 10

We are still ironing out final details, but we wanted to let everyone know right away that a further block of 6 sessions is planned in our Foundations of Christian Esotericism series. We look forward to welcoming back those who attended previous blocks, and also those coming for the first time.

As before, we will begin with the Consecration of the Human Being at 9:00am, and the morning study will continue with Rudolf Steiner’s seminal Christological lectures From Jesus to Christ. We worked our way through lectures 1-5 in the fall and aim to finish the book with a focus on lectures 6-10. If you want to join us but weren’t part of last year’s study, it might be good to prepare by reading the earlier lectures. A second morning session will be announced soon.

In the afternoon, from 2:00 to 3:00pm, we are very pleased to offer 6 sessions of projective geometry with Michelle Boynton. Michelle is an experienced teacher of projective geometry and we are very grateful that she has agreed to bring us this highly valuable experience.

As before, there is no set fee but your donations are definitely needed and will be very gratefully received. And, again, if you are unable to attend every Friday element that is fine (but it is good to know who to expect when).

For further information, or to register: Please contact Paul Newton ( or 845-517-4101) or Anna Silber ( or 917-882-5679.

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