Steiner’s Zodiac and Planets, Explored through Eurythmy

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A Lecture by Mark Ebersole

Living in our material, earthly world, we easily forget that our true home is elsewhere, in the worlds of spiritual beings. Our earth is always filled with the working and presence of these beings, but the cosmos of planets and stars is their—and our—higher reality, the source of great powers of soul, spirit, wisdom, and strength. Steiner spoke above all of language—the sounds of the alphabet—as immediate expression of these forces, and eurythmy opens the gates of great exploration of these worlds through sound, zodiac, and planet gestures, as well as through colors and forms. His “Zodiac Verses”—aka “The Twelve Moods”—will be central to this course, along with the content from the Foundation Stone Meditation. We will pursue this through a meditative practice of eurythmy rather than a performative aspect, which yet can deepen and enliven all our stage, pedagogic, and therapeutic work.

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