Streams of Change: The Goetheanum and the World Society

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Claus-Peter Röh and Oliver Conradt, Goetheanum Leadership

Claus-Peter and Oliver will offer their experiences from the last few years of changes in leadership and collaborative leadership at the Goetheanum. They will talk about developments in the School for Spiritual Science and the Society as the 100-year mark approaches and there is increasing consciousness of being a true world society. There will be plenty of time for conversation.

Claus-Peter Röh is one of the leaders for work with the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum. He was formerly leader of the Pedagogical Section.

Oliver Conradt is the leader for the Mathematics and Astronomy Section at the Goetheanum as well as working with Justus Wittich in managing the finances of the Society.

Both Claus-Peter and Oliver serve as part of the Goetheanum Leadership, which collaborates closely with the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society. They are at Threefold along with forty-six representatives of the anthroposophical movement in North America, who are gathering to reflect on the current state of the movement here. This Gathering of the Movement will consider what will be needed to meet the world social and ecological needs of the future out of an imagination of what could be possible if we develop a shared sense of living anthroposophy and the continued evolution of the gifts Rudolf Steiner brought into the world.

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