The Foundation Stone and Its Celestial Rhythms

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With Mary Stewart Adams

On Christmas Day, 1923, the south moon node—that place in the zodiac where the moon rises above the ecliptic each month—stood in the constellation of Aquarius.

This nodal point takes 18.7 years to make one full turn around the ecliptic. Thus, on August 26 Saturn will come to this same place in Aquarius—right where the south moon node stood during the Christmas Conference—and, as it does so, the Sun will stand opposite, in Leo, at the position of the Moon’s north node. We on the earth will stand directly between these two celestial bodies. The axis that is thus formed, from Saturn through the earth to the Sun, will pass through the very place that the Moon’s Nodes were during the Christmas Conference—the first time this has occurred in the past century.

Mary Stewart Adams will work with us to come to a deeper appreciation not only of this cosmic event, but also of the way it can bring us more deeply into the inner reality of the Foundation Stone verse. We will then move into an experience of eurythmy followed by a conversation on the Foundation Stone Meditation in relation to the theme. And this will prepare us for an evening with two presentations of the Foundation Stone in eurythmy.

1:00-1:15pm Welcome and Introduction to the Day
1:15-2:30pm A Talk by Mary Stewart Adams
2:30-3:30pm Eurythmy
3:30-3:45pm Break
3:45-5:00pm Conversation Groups on the Foundation Stone

At 7:30pm, the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble will perform the Foundation in Stone in Eurythmy, followed by brief presentations on the theme, followed again by the Foundation Stone in Eurythmy.

Workshop admission:
Free will donation ($25-$50 suggested).

Information, and to preregister: Email Karl Fredrickson at Preregistration is appreciated but not required.

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