An Inner Journey Through the Year

March 8-10, 2024

A conference featuring lectures by Richard Steel, an exhibition of Karl König’s original drawings and eurythmy performances of the soul calendar verses.

A unique opportunity to experience the calendar as visible speech in eurythmy along with Richard Steel’s insights from 50 plus years of working with the verses and Karl König’s important contributions. 

The course of the year has its own life. With this life the human soul can unfold a feeling-unison. If the soul opens to the influences that speak so variously to it week by week, it will be led to a right feeling of itself

Rudolf Steiner, preface to the second edition of the Calendar of the Soul in 1918.


Drawing by Karl Konig for week 48 of Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul
Drawing by Karl Konig for week 48 of Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul

Conference Details

The Calendar of the Soul consists of 52 meditative verses, one for each week of the year, written by Rudolf Steiner.  In their content and structure – their relationship to each other, the verses serve as a bridge between our inner soul world and the outer world of nature.

Each of the Calendar’s verses forms a group with four corresponding verses. There are, thus, thirteen groups of corresponding verses or crosses. Karl König was one of the first, if not the first, researcher to study and elaborate the importance of these cross correspondences. He also gave a name to each cross.  As part of the Conference, a special selection of four of the crosses will be made visible in eurythmy directed by Dorothea Mier and performed by the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble and guest eurythmists from our region. Each set of verses will be performed twice, once before and once after a talk by Richard Steel.  Dorothea and Richard have both devoted many years to studying and working with the Calendar.

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Dr. Karl König (1902-1966) was a pioneer of anthroposophic medicine and curative education and the founder of the Camphill Movement for curative education and social therapy, which has thrived over 80 years with 140 intentional communities worldwide. König strove to develop and implement anthroposophy in countless ways that brought spirit into practical, daily life; he always kept the healing of the human being, the social organism and the living earth in the foreground. Karl König was one of the first students of Anthroposophy to reveal the fourfold structure and mysteries of the Calendar of the Soul.

Dorothea Mier Born in England in 1932, Dorothea Mier was educated at the Elmfield and Michael Hall Waldorf schools and the Birmingham School of Music. She studied eurythmy at the Lea van der Pals School in Dornach, Switzerland, going on to teach there for seventeen years. She was a member of the Goetheanum Stage Group under Marie Savitch. Dorothea was Artistic Director of Eurythmy Spring Valley, for 25 years and is now “retired”, continuing to teach at ESV and traveling around the world to give workshops. Dorothea has worked with the Calendar of the Soul in eurythmy for many years.

Richard Steel studied Linguistics and then completed a training at the Camphill Seminar for Curative Education in 1975. He lived and worked with his family in a Camphill community for children and youngsters with special needs in Germany until 2008. Richard then founded the Karl König Institute in Berlin and is its CEO.  He is a speaker and a poet and is responsible for the new edition of Karl König’s written works. Richard was also involved in establishing a Camphill life-sharing community with elderly people in New York State. He has been a lifelong student of the Calendar of the Soul since experiencing Karl König’s illustrations in 1972.


Journaling to approach the Calendar of the Soul
With Brigida Baldzun
We will explore the Calendar by choosing a meaningful week (eg., the week of our birthday or another meaningful week) and writing our own verse. What did your soul experience on your last birthday? 

Image and Imagination
With Bonnie Manaças
Drawing with pastels inspired by verses of the Calendar of the Soul.

Exhibition Guided Visit
With Richard Steel
A guided visit through the exhibition of Karl König’s drawings in small groups of 12 people so there can be more of an inner experience.

Exploring the Calendar in Eurythmy
With Dorothea Mier


Sponsored by the Threefold Branch of the Anthroposophical Society and Threefold Educational Foundation.

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